Make the Most of Food @ Home !

Learn to lead the 4 week challenge with like-minded peers

Teachers, join this seriously fun course to meet like-minded peers and learn how to lead students and their households in a class-wide or school-wide "Make the Most of Food @ Home" Challenge! During the remote, COVID-safe challenge, participating households measure a week's worth of discarded food and inspire them to take actions to improve nutrition, save money, and reduce food waste. In the process of learning to "walk the talk," expect to save money, pick up healthier habits, and contribute to the #1 solution to global climate change. Join the (FREE) virtual launch party on Tuesday January 18 @ 7 PM ET to learn everything you need to know to get started. Register by Monday February 7.

What if we all make the most of food?

With every challenge we have greater impact and inspire more action!

  • Students have serious fun learning leadership, research, and life skills!

  • Households save money, eat better, and reduce discarded food!

  • We all contribute to the #1 solution to global climate change!

What is the Make the Most of Food @ Home Challenge?

This course prepares teachers, high school students, and green team leaders to lead a team of students or peers and their households step-by-step through the 4-week challenge:

  • Get ready! Prepare students and inform households (no special supplies necessary!)

  • Week 1: Track and measure "Baseline" data on discarded food

  • Week 2: Learn and plan actions together

  • Week 3: Act and measure "Action" data on discarded food

  • Week 4 & Beyond: Share results, celebrate, and build community!

Important Dates

  • Launch Party (FREE): Tues 1/18

  • Registration Deadline: Mon 2/7

  • Check in Meetings: Tues 2/8; Tues 2/22 @ 7 PM ET

  • Assignment Deadlines: Informed consent (2/8); Baseline Report (2/18); Action Report (3/4); Feedback (3/15)

  • Celebration & Awards: Tues 3/15 @ 7 PM ET

Why learn to lead a team?

Receive world-class leadership training with like-minded peers! Get access to:

  • Pre-recorded training, all challenge worksheets, and detailed instructions

  • Live events and private discussion board to keep you on track and meet fellow team leaders

  • Guidance on project-based learning and inclusion considerations

  • Access to curated and standards-aligned additional resources

  • Certificate upon completion for (4) professional learning units

Join the Launch Party! (FREE)

On Tuesday January 18, 2022, learn everything you need to know to get started.

Pricing options

If the price is prohibitive use the coupon code "WAITLIST2022" to request sponsorship.

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